Modularity. Flexibility.

Our solutions are built on a modular and flexible framework warranting both a full coverage of the key functional requirements and a pragmatic approach in terms of implementation.


Fitting all your needs.

From convergent offer definition to service management and customer follow-up, we perfectly suit any need and smoothly adapt to operator’s requirements.
The overall ergonomy and the technical framework relying on the latest market standards (full graphic interface, Java, RDBMS, n-tier architecture) ensure an easy implementation and a complete operational performance for the end-users.


Allyo Customer Care and Billing Suite

Your all in one ally.

Flexible product & tarif plans, real-time rating capabilities or full fledged customer relationship management are amongst key features integrated in our convergent customer care and billing suite.


360° Customer View

  • End-to end customer management
    Built-in business processes
    Detailed customer information



Time to Market Inside

  • Advanced product and services catalog

    Convergent Offers
    Fast implementation

Open, Flexible and Standard

  • Prepaid/Postpaid/Hybrid features
    Real-time rating capacities
    Convergent balances management
    Modular rating engine


Convergent Rating and Billing

  • Open interfaces with 3rd party applications
    Standard foundations (unix, java, web)
    Flexible customization

Allyo Online Charging

Enjoy online convergence...  

Allyo OCS module provides complete, real-time and convergent charging fonctions.



Only rating

Rating and Discounting


Rating and Discounting

Several UO can be applied on the same event in real time

Same event can be split based on UO calculation (according to time/volume/credit limits)




Commit usage

Credit reservation

Maintain / Update  balances



xDR usage record generation

Automatic transfer

Multiple implementation schemes

Standalone / Add-on



Adapts to business guidelines

Re-use existing modules

Integrate with prepaid/hybrid environment

Allyo Provisioning Engine

As easy as Drag and Drop.

CPIT Provisioning engine let you easily model and manage your workflow according to your own business rules.

Flows can be created and edited by simple drag and drop from the GUI toolbox or by XML editor.


Full provisioning features

Independence from upstream platform vendors

Eliminate redundancy in business logic implementation

Agility & flexibility

Reduce efforts and time to market


Dynamic configuration and deployment

Filtering rules can be modified without downtime

Flows can be modified without downtime

Flows can be modified and deployed via drag&drop GUI by users

No impact on running services


Open architecture using industry standards

WebServer and J2EE

SOA (WSDL / SOAP / XML…), ESB concept

Reuse existing services on the network

Compatible with overall IT roadmap


Main Features

Flow Manager:

  • Drag and drop GUI
    User management and security
    Flow management: create, delete, modify, test and validate flows
    On the fly modifications
    Set of predefined interfaces (upstream and downstream)
    Set of predefined nodes and custom functions



  • Queue and Priority management
  • Parallel Processing
  • On the fly modification




  • Session and threads control
    Security and authentication
    Protocol and format handling
    Synchronous or asynchronous
    Automatic block/unblock
    Automatic connection pool management
    Failsafe mechanism (timeout, retry)
    Exception handling


Administration Web Application:

  • Upstream/Downstram interfaces configuration
    Flow configuration

Allyo Suite Key Features

  • Time to Market approach
    Off-the-shelf solution
    Easy adaptation to market
  • Pay-as-you-grow solution
    Business-driven evolution
    Pragmatic approach
  • Cost-effectiveness and commitment
    Turnkey implementation: one less thing to worry about !
  • Real-time and convergence
    ‘Native’ prepaid/postpaid and multi-play convergence
    Real-time requests management