Functional excellence. Operational performance.

CPIT manages implementation project of its solutions in a complete turnkey approach covering the Design, Deliver and Operate phases. We master all aspects from the scope definition to the move to production of the selected solution and the evolutive maintenance services.

Our human size enables us to dynamically adapt to our customers requests : every project is different, and we are commited to provide the best.
A field proven methodology with clear milestones and deliverables and a strong planning commitment is applied to all our projects.

Key Benefits

Cost efficiency

We provide and manage complete solutions that we implement quickly and in a cost effective way. Our systems do not require expensive licensing or hardware environement, thus optimising the overall Opex and Capex.



We entirely commit to the deliverables features and quality, as well as the time frame for each project. This highly reduces the risk factor for our customers.


Flexibility and dynamism

We are a human size company which allows us to understand and address our customers' pains by reacting and adapting quickly to their requirements.


Performance and expertise

We know the IT issues and we know the Telecom business. Our solutions and experts are completely focussed on the telecom issues thus ensuring adequation to our customer’s business processes.


We already have what you need...

Thanks to years of experience in consulting and development services for Network Operator, CPIT provides a complete and flexible Customer Care and Billing Suite named ALLYO.

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They trust us: