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Our solutions and expertise are focused on telecom and convergence, encompassing all business process for any operator (Fixed, Wireless, Broadband…)


Convergent features for all operator type

Customer relationship management

Order and delivery

Billing and rating

Service management



Specific features for each operator type

  • CRM
    • Multi-channel customer interactions IVR/USSD/MMS/SMS/Selfcare
    • Indirect sales / distributors
  • Resources
    • IMSI/MSISDN : specific process for prepaid account activations (mass pre activation)
    • Numbering plan
    • Number portability
  • Rating
    • Specific management for hybrid in case of existing IN systems : legacy or MAP interfaces
    • VMS application
  • Supply chain
    • SIM Card management
  • Roaming management
  • CRM
    • Selfcare
  • Order and deliver
    • Eligibility for service access (data rate, coverage…)
  • Resources
    • Login & password management
    • IP adresses
    • VoIP phone numbers
  • Rating
    • AAA compliant protocol interfaces (Radius/Diameter…)
    • Prepaid/Hybrid
    • Transactional rating for Content providers
  • Session management
    • Radius Server + Active mediation « like » workflow
  • Supply chain
    • Box management
  • Order and deliver
    • Eligibility for service access
  • Resources
    • Numbering plan management
    • Inventory for local loop
    • Number portability
  • Interconnection management

We already have what you need...

Thanks to years of experience in consulting and development services for Network Operator, CPIT provides a complete and flexible Customer Care and Billing Suite named ALLYO.

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